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Flight simulators train new pilots


And at the same time help investigate air accidents. The simulated reality has become an integral part of the helicopter pilot training. Modern computer technology helps save money and is also extremely secure. At the Slovak Training Academy, students have up to 5 different types of flight simulators available.

The dynamic development of computer technologies has enabled fundamental changes in the training of helicopter pilots. Before student train on a real flying machine, they must test all pre-flight and after flight processes in a simulator. Not only does it save time and money, but it is also extremely safe.

"In total, we have 5 simulators for different types of helicopters. Students will learn all the safety procedures they cannot try on a real helicopter flight. For example, a computer can simulate an engine failure. We will teach them how to land safely."explains Lukáš Rácz, manager of the Flight Simulator Operation at Slovak Training Academy. This experience is then invaluable in real flights, where the pilot does not have time to think about the progress of individual steps and must act immediately. "The simulator can prepare a person for this situation or detect its failure and thus save people's health and lives. Simulators are also invaluable for investigating incidents, accidents and disasters, "says Marek Češkovič from the Department of Avionics at the Faculty of Aviation of the Technical University in Košice.

At present, almost every helicopter training begins with training on simulator. Procedures like starting and stopping a helicopter properly is extremely important. "Each of our students must spend at least 11 hours in the simulator. According to our curriculum, they will go through all the specific procedures, each of them is followed by a test, where they have to demonstrate their abilities without the help of an instructor, "explains Lukáš Rácz. A professional flight simulator is a combination of powerful computer hardware and tailor-made software. Many of these devices are unique in their composition and settings. In the private aviation academy STA, for example, they use a precise graphical interface and maps of Košice Airport. The progress simulator for the MD-530 helicopter was built, so to speak, on a green field based on the specific requirements of the client. "It was not easy. We had to fine tune the hardware with the software. All touch screens exactly copy the control interface in the cockpit.” adds Rácz.

The computer, in cooperation with the instructor prepare future pilots for various situations, such as extinguishing forest fires or evasive maneuvers. "We can adapt to the requirements of our clients and adjust the simulators as needed. At present, we have modern technology for preparatory training for Bell 206, UH-60 Blackhawk, AS 350 and MI17 helicopters. "adds Lukáš Halás, Managing Director of STA.