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Saving Castle SLANEC

13. 07. 2021

Helicopter helping medieval castle in trouble. Aerial works with AS-355 N by Slovak Training Academy to help a good cause.

We helped a good cause!

When we found out about this medieval castle in trouble, we immediately decided to help.

The problem was, that the remote location of the castle in an inaccessible terrain help long time ago to protect this castle from conquerors, but nowdays made it very difficult for the reconstruciton team to repair the old walls. Over 200 kilograms heavy cargo needed to be transported up. Without any road for cars leading directly to the castle, the only way was in the air. After discussions with the pilot, we made the preparations. 

Next morning our AS-355 N was ready to do the job. Our pilot has with many experiences with the aerial works and the ground team supported the whole operation. Together with volunteers from OZ Save the Slanec Castle, our aircraft and professionally trained staff, transported repaired machine back to the castle hill, where it will be used in the reconstruction of the castle. Slovak Training Academy and European Air Services are happy that thanks to our help, the restoration of the national cultural monument and this place sought after by tourists can continue.

We remain ready to help the region and its people in the way we know best, through aerial work and the provision of our equipment and personnel in emergency situations.