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Aerial Services

We offer the aerial works provided with the highest standard of jobs like the high-voltage power line system, inspection of gas pipeline, oil pipeline, product pipeline, construction and assembly flights, aerial filming and photography, sightseeing flights, advertising and promotional flights and airdrops.

Helicopters combined with high-tech technologies provide the ability to collect data and inspect power and gas transmission lines with a high degree of time and economic sufficiency. We also offer other aerial works like forest spraying, cargo and VIP transportation or sightseeing flights.


    Monitoring and inspecting of electrical transmission networks

    • The high-voltage power line system is inspected for faults or damages on masts and wires
    • LIDAR - Detailed inspections of electric utility assets
    • Consolidated Linear Inspection and Automatic Detailed Inspection
    • Complete monitoring and controlling of transmission lines and assets
    • Management of vegetation corridors (transmission lines corridors)
    • The system can be also configured according the needs of the customer´s purposes
    • Our system allows us to configure software in accordance with customer needs in order to digitize all the analytical outputs in the desired form

    Crop spraying and forest spraying

    • We can offer fast, efficient and safe emergency inspections and condition monitoring of pipelines by helicopter. We also perform routine inspections and have the necessary expertise and equipment for such missions.
    • During visual inspection of pipelines, we can fly low over the ground, performing effective way to determine requirements for maintenance
    • Experienced pilots can provide exceptional background for movie or photography shooting from air

UH-60 Maintenance platforms

New maintenance platforms designed specifically for UH-60 Blackhawk. Fully customizable and manufactured with perfection using a compact and high durability aluminum construction with the fall protection which gives your technicians the ability to operate safely on the aircraft.


We offer MRO services to aircraft owners, maintenance organizations (AMO), aeronautical schools, airlines, as well as army and rescue teams. Our companies provide MRO services for broad range of aircraft, from single and multi-engine helicopters through mid-class Turboprop commuters to the Boeing and Airbus airlines.

  • Comprehensive MRO services
  • Supply of aircraft spare parts
  • On-site support
  • Holders of EASA Part 145, EASA Part 147,
  • EASA Part 21 (DOA/POA) certificates
  • UH-60 A, MD-500/530, Bell 206, AS355, S300, H269
  • Engine parts
  • Avionics equipment and systems
  • Pilot supplies
  • Special aircraft equipment
  • Chemistry

Aircraft Modernization

Our companies provide complete range of modernization and customized solutions for fixed and rotary wing aircraft for both civil and military market in accordance with FAA/EASA standards. The modernizations and upgrades provided by us involve every part of aircraft including avionics, special equipment, interior and weapon systems.

  • Design and construction under EASA Part 21 J
  • Modernization of whole machine
  • Major integrator of the avionics in central Europe
  • Air-conditioning systems
  • VIP SAR, safety seats
  • MEDEVAC, CASEVAC installations
  • Glass cockpit aircraft upgrade
  • Navigation and communication systems

Leader in pilot training